After-School Youth Group


Our after-school programs are an effective intervention strategy for vulnerable children and youth in communities where there are few structured opportunities after school. After-school youth groups are facilitated by RCMP members in collaboration with key community leaders, partners, and local schools. Weekly after-school sessions for students in grade 5 through 12 empower and equip young people with the tools and strategies to make positive choices. RCMP members also build trust and positive relationships with vulnerable children and youth, and their families.

“Our goal is always to prevent youth from being entangled in crime, gangs and violence. We know that we can have greater impact and have greater success when we intervene and educate early.”

– Sergeant Neil Kennedy, RCMP Officer

Young people who participate in RCMP-led after-school youth groups:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Gain knowledge and build self-esteem through unique cultural and traditional experiences
  • Enhance their physical fitness
  • Enjoy camaraderie with peers and adult role models, positive social interaction and personal achievement