Kids, Cops & Computers

Computers and digital literacy are essential to the success and future of today’s youth. However, we continue to see students who do not have the same access as their peers to home technology, holding them back from reaching their full academic potential. Kids, Cops & Computers levels the playing field for financially disadvantaged students by improving their access to technology through personal laptop computers and providing support in the form of police mentorship. Delivered to students in grades 7-8, program participants receive a new laptop computers (and internet if needed) and take part in five monthly Lead and Learn sessions facilitated by RCMP members. These sessions are designed to help students develop digital literacy skills and use their computers in a safe and effective way. Through Kids, Cops & Computers, young people:

• Strengthen their digital literacy

• Improve academic performance

• Reduce absenteeism

• Build self-esteem

• Lead their own community engagement

• Develop positive relationships with police

Through the RCMP Foundation’s collaboration with serving RCMP members, the impact of Kids, Cops & Computers goes beyond the student’s digital literacy and academic achievement. Participating students form an enduring bond with their RCMP mentor, a trusted adult they can turn to when in need and a relationship that helps to shift perceptions of police. Research shows that if a child in crisis has at least one trusted adult in their life, they are more resilient to adversity and trauma.

Kids, Cops & Computers is delivered in partnership with the Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation. Together we have reached more than 4,000 students across Canada.

“When Kids, Cops and Computers gives you a new laptop, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s more of a mentoring program. The support from Kids, Cops and Computers and the RCMP officers helps us kids feel more connected and part of the community. Now we don’t feel so isolated.”

– Student participant