Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Hanoverian horses.

Serious riders recognize thesewarmbloods as one of the most prominent and successful breeds in the world today. These versatile performance horses have won every class of medal at the Olympics and at other prestigious competitions all over Canada, the US and Europe.


Now, through an online and live auction, the Official Breeding Program of the world-famous RCMP Musical Ride offers you the rare opportunity to own one of these truly spectacular horses.

These smart, well-mannered horses may have their roots in Germany but, having been born and raised at the RCMP breeding facility in Pakenham, Ontario, just outside Ottawa, their hearts are right here in Canada.

The farm is one of the most respected Hanoverian breeding facilities in the world. It is well-known for its high standards as well as its modern and clean stables and large grazing pastures.

The horses on auction here are bred specifically for the world-renowned RCMP Musical Ride, a triumphant Canadian tradition. They are all good candidates for show-jumping, dressage and cross-country.

History in the making

This auction is truly historic for two good reasons. First, we are offering up to 40 horses—twice as many as ever before!

Here’s the second reason:


For the first time ever, you can bid from the comfort of your own home.

We have added an online auction!

ONLINE AUCTION: Bidding begins August 24 and continues through September 23.

These magnificent animals will be offered in an online image gallery. Horses listed online will range in age from yearling to 9 year olds, Brood mares, Brood mares-in-foal, retirees from the school and the Musical Ride and some that do not meet Musical Ride conformation and colouring standards.

Each listing will include the horse’s name and height as well as an image, a short description and a lineage chart. Full veterinary histories and x-rays are also available.

As each horse is purchased, another horse will be added to the gallery, so check back often to see what’s new!

Questions or requests for viewing during the online sale can be sent to the Sales Manager following registration.

LIVE AUCTION: On October 13, our live auction will be held at the RCMP Musical Ride stables in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario.

A premier event, the live auction will be an experience of a lifetime. The horses are presented in a way that showcases both their athletic talent and their ridability. On offer at the live auction will be premier “Select” horses and a few “wild cards.” Full veterinary histories and x-rays will be available.

The horses are available for viewing and trial rides for the week before the live auction. (Appointments are limited and will be booking after September 30th only.)


See you online from August 24 to September 23 and
at the live auction in Ottawa on October 13.

All proceeds benefit the RCMP Foundation (see below.)


For Sponsorship opportunities  please contact Liz Burgess at