Licensing process

What is the Licensing Process?

Alabama Trademark Licensing evaluates each licensing application on a case by case basis and must grant approval of the completed application before any merchandise can be produced for sale. This process ensures that every product bearing the marks of Alabama will be of a high quality, and protects all parties, including the University, from future liability. The licensing process can vary in length due a number of factors outlined on the Get Licensed page.

How do I start the Licensing Process with The University of Alabama?

To obtain a licensing application, visit IMGCL’s website and click on Get Licensed. The Apply Now page will allow you to fill out your application online. You can also visit the IMGCL website for information about the various Types of Licenses and Business Considerationsinvolved with collegiate licensing. View the About page on their site for additional IMGCL contact info.

Other Trademark Requests

If you intend to use the trademarks of the University of Alabama for a one-time, non-commercial use and do not plan on selling your item (i.e. a memorial), you can email Please include your complete contact information as well as the proposed use of the University’s trademark(s) in detail.

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