Police services, RCMP detachments included, often provide practical information, services and products that can help in the unlikely event your child goes missing. Some services even offer kits that include fingerprinting your child. In fact, here at the RCMP Foundation, we offer a Child ID Kit of our own.

But not all “child safety kits” are the same.

It has come to our attention that McGruff Canada is offering
a “Child Safety Kit” the company claims is endorsed by the RCMP Foundation.


We are taking steps to make sure the company stops making this claim.

As well as police services, charitable foundations and a number private companies offer these kinds of products and services. If you are interested in a child-safety program, we encourage you to ask your local police service if it it has one. If it doesn’t, please be aware of your responsibility to thoroughly research and read the reviews of the proposed supplier.

Remember: Consumer beware—even if it’s free!